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People In New York Gears Up for Solar Eclipse

On Monday afternoon millions of Americans are expected to experience the Great American Solar Eclipse. This will be the first total solar eclipse in America since the total solar eclipse in 1979. Unfortunately, New Yorkers will not be able to experience a full solar eclipse. It is because NYC is not in the “path of totality” according to scientist Neil Grasse Tyson. He said these words at a press meeting at the American Museum of National History (AMNH). New York City will see around 70-90 percent of the eclipse. 

As said earlier this spectacular event is happening for the first time in nearly 40 years. The total solar eclipse will cover the United States from coast to coast. 

Some areas of the country will experience a partial shadow, also known as the Penumbra. Other places of the country will experience total solar eclipse otherwise known as the Umbra.

The eclipse begins at Portland, Oregon. It then passes through Tennessee Valley and finally reaching South Carolina. 

Schools and institutions across the city are gearing up for the eclipse that is now a few hours away. 

While it is an exhilarating moment for both kids and adults, parents are reminded to ensure children view the eclipse in the safest possible way. The rays from the sun are powerful enough to possibly cause irreversible damage to the eye. So do not stare directly to the sun with naked eyes.

This is especially important for children since most of them do not understand those risks. So it is extremely important that kids be supervised by grown-ups.

Regular sunglasses are not recommended because they won't give one enough protection. Experts say that it is important to view the event using certified eclipse glasses. These special glasses are capable of filtering harmful sun's rays. 

The eclipse will not be visible if it is cloudy up there. It will be visible in New York City at around 2:44 P.M and end at around 4:00 P.M, according to FiOS1 meteorologist Joe Rao. He likened the partial eclipse in New York to a flashlight with low batteries. While a flashlight with low batteries will still shine, it is quite dimmer than a flashlight with strong batteries.   

There is really no excuse for missing out on this historical event. But do not forget to stay safe. Solar eclipse glasses are a must-have. They are the best way to view the eclipse. They can still be found in various stores around New York. Individuals who have experienced this exclusive astronomical event tend to agree it is an exciting, life-changing occurrence. 

If one would not be able to experience this spectacular moment, he or she will be able to experience it in 2014. However, it will not be visible across all parts of the United States. It will be visible in East Canada, the Central U.S. and Mexico, according to NASA. Cities that will experience total solar eclipse includes: New York, Vermont, Montpelier, Cleveland, Ohio, Arkansas, Dallas, Austin, Texas, Little Rock, Akron, Rochester and Indianapolis. 

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