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Trump Returns To New York Amid Protests

President Trump returned to New York City for the first time since becoming president of the United States. However, Trump's homecoming to New York was met with opposition. Thousands of protesters gathered around Trump Tower on Monday. And while awaiting his motorcade in Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, protesters chanted “Not my President” and “Shame, Shame, Shame.” Other chants from angry protesters include “New York hates you” and “This is what democracy looks like.”

Some demonstrators also carried sign messages including “The White House is no place for White Supremacy” and “impeach.”

Not far away, a giant inflatable rat that resembles President Trump stood by the Plaza hotel. 

A retired United Church of Christ minister, Rev. Jan Powell was among the protesters. She stood opposite Trump Tower with a sign that read “no justice, no peace”. Powell said she was not happy with the president's response regarding the violent White Supremacists' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

A series of violent activities exploded at the controversial rally leaving at least three people dead and dozens injured. 20 year old white supremacist James Alex Fields sped his car into a crowd of protesters killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring nineteen others. The young white supremacists has since been arrested and charged. 

Aside from the car incident, the clashes between white nationals and left wing protesters in Virginia left more than 14 people injured. 

Though President Donald Trump vehemently condemned the incident in the strongest term possible, he did not speak against the rally. Trump said that he condemns violence, bigotry and hatred on many sides. In other words, he condemns the violence in both sides. He did not mention white supremacists. He did not mention the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). He did not mention racism. 

Corey Gardner said Trump must call evil by its name. He further added the incident should be treated as an act of terrorism. 

However, Vice President Mike Pence said their administration has zero tolerance for hate and violence from the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazi, and white supremacists. He said these hate groups and have no place in America and he therefore condemns them in the strongest possible terms. 

The series of violence and clashes that happened at the hands of Neo-Nazi and white-supremacist protesters is a major tipping point in America's efforts to fight hate, bigotry and racism. The Charlottesville protest was quite similar to past events such as the KKK in the South and the Nazi Germany, according to an opinion writer. 

Aside from Virginia's incident, members of law enforcement said two people have been arrested so far and are currently in police custody. They were charged for disorderly conduct near Trump Tower, in the protest against President Trump.    

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted that he feels good to be in New York after seven months. He said he would love to visit home more often…

Trump's visit also came shortly after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said announced that he will set a panel to review all symbols of hate in NYC. 

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