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How To Deal With Your NYC Noisy Neighbor

The choice to live in a rural or densely populated area is very crucial to the kind of life you want to live. There are plenty of reasons to stay in a big city like New York. From exceptional tourist attractions to fine dinning, New York City offers opportunities you'll never find anywhere in the countryside. 

While NYC is a great place to stay, it is not short of challenges. There are a lot of crowded neighborhoods, traffic jams, and over-stretched public amenities. 

Through a pair of narrow walls, you overhear a crying baby who does not seem to stop. There is a neighboring couple who often gets into frequent arguments. Someone in the neighborhood always barricade the corridor, either with an oversized stroller or smelly trash. Your neighbor upstairs always seems to run an underground wrestling federation or trains.

Your neighbor can be so noisy that it drives you nuts. So what can you do about your noisy neighbor? This can be a very tricky situation. Revenging is not going to work. Calling a 311 hotline is also not the most effective way to handle the situation. 

If it is the first complaint, it is recommended to face them directly. However, you do not have to display your anger or be violent. You need to be friendly about it. Just let them know that the noise is a concern. You cannot confront them; the best thing to do is to leave them a note. If you have never met your neighbor before, introduce yourself to him or her and then in a kind way let them know that sometimes they become so noisy and it disturbs your peace. Do not come across as rude or confrontational. It won't help because this way may worsen the situation. You do not want to make enemies with your next neighbor, right?

Calling the cops before approaching them personally to let them know they're disturbing you could make them offended or bitter. This way they may be tempted to seek revenge in future. They may not even know they are bothering you. Often, a person becomes cautious of their mistake after being made aware of it.

If the noisy neighbor has threatened you in any way, the best way is to contact your apartment's manager. The manager will handle the issue in the best possible way. After all, it is the job of the management staff to ensure every tenant is happy. 

Approximately 400 000 noise complaints are reported to the city's authorities every year. However, contacting the authorities or calling a 311 hotline, as said before, is not always the most effective way to handle the situation. You are only advised to contact the local authorities if other ways have not worked. In case, you want to remain unidentified to protect yourself against any possible revenge, tell the officers that you do not want to be contacted by them when they arrived at the scene. Tell them to leave you out of it.  

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