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Man Arrested In NYC For Assault And Robbery

Millersville police confirmed that a Lancaster man accused of assaulting and robbing a man in Millersville has since been arrested and taken into custody.

The suspect, identified as a 19-year old Treyon Thomas, is facing robbery, assault and theft among other charges.

The victim came to Millersville Borough Police Department on August 5 to report the incident that had took place earlier that day. 

The man was robbed whilst attending a college party at an apartment complex. “I was approached by an unknown African American man around 2:40 a.m.,” the victim recounted. The black man, later identified as Treyon Thomas, demanded a ride home from him, according to the victim. He declined. The suspect then pulled out his handgun and struck the victim's head with it. Thomas also kicked him on the face. 

The suspect stole his wallet; vehicle keys, necklace and watch totaling around 750 million dollars in cash value. Thomas then fled from the scene. 

While the victim was being questioned by police, he received a text message from a friend with a Facebook profile of An African American man claiming it was the profile of the suspect who assaulted and robbed him.

“There were around five to ten eye witnesses during the incident,” the victim told the police. On that same day, members of law enforcement questioned a few witnesses. After that, police were able to identify the suspect from the Facebook profile.

The witnesses confirmed he was the one. An arrest warrant was issued immediately for the suspect.

On August 16, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) called Millersville police to inform them that Treyon Thomas was arrested and sent into custody in NYC.

According to NYPD, Treyon was in possession of a controlled substance and deadly firearm, for which he was charged in NYC.

The young suspect is charged with theft, assault and robbery with violence.

Thomas also faces other charges in NYC. There is another investigation into complaints of indecent contact by females at the place where he committed the crime, police said.   

Furthermore, Treyon Thomas also has an active bench warrant through the Sheriff's Office in Lancaster County. The warrant is for a parole violation starting from charges of threats and assaults for an incident in 2016 in Mannheim Township.

In other news, two men, heavily armed, injured an employee in Barbershop, according to police. They shot the employee and took away his jewelry, police confirmed. The incident happened on Friday night. 

The surveillance video of part of the robbery was released by the New York Police Department on Sunday. The footage shows a man pulling out a gun and trying to steal the employee's gold chain at gunpoint. When the employee tried to resist, the second suspect pulled out his gun and started shooting indiscriminately – hitting the victim in the abdomen and arm. The victim was later taken to the nearby hospital where he is currently recovering. 

The suspect walked away with the bracelet and the gold chain, according to police. And police are still searching for them.    

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