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Meek Mills Arrested In New York

American award-winning hip hop recording artist Robert Rihmeek Williams, also called, Meek Mill was arrested on August 17, 20017 in New York City. Meek Mill, 30, was busted after videos of him driving wildly on the streets of Manhattan appeared on social media; a New York Police Department's spokesman confirmed to various news outlets. 

A 911 call was made on August 16 by several witnesses who witnessed the rapper popping wheelies and riding without a helmet – putting his life in danger as well as other road users.  

After a short time, police arrested the rapper in that neighborhood. However, the group he was with had already fled when the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. A number of social media users confirmed Meek broadcasted a live stream of officers arresting and taking him into detention.   

He was charged with driving a motorcycle recklessly through the streets of New York.

He arrived at court later Thursday night and was detained overnight.

“I ain't here in NYC to commit no criminal activities,” the rapper said shortly after his release on Friday. He said he just came to play basketball with the hospital kids. 

According to Meek's lawyer Joseph Tacopina, Mill was pulled out from the group of wild riders due to the fact that he is a celebrity. He added that his client is just a successful black man and perhaps the police did not like it. He also condemned the New York Police Department (NYPD) for a huge presence of members of law enforcement when they arrested his client. And they did it in the presence of young children at the charity basketball games. 

“At first, Mill thought that they were coming to help lead him out of the huge crowd,” his lawyer said. “No I am OK,” Meek told the corps. He did not realize they were coming to arrest him. 

Others spotted driving recklessly alongside Meek Mill are still at large. Police are still trailing in and out of New York City. 

Police say the bike the rapper was suspected to have been riding recklessly has not been identified. 

The Inwood neighborhood sees a lot of daily traffic. Residents say it is the reckless driving that they find concerning. They now want local authorities to provide measures to deal with this problem in the neighborhood. 

A few days ago, police officer stopped an ATV rider. He was driving down an Inwood footpath. When the member of law enforcement questioned the careless driver, he bit the police's forearm and sped off. According to police, however, the wild motorists has since been arrested and detained.

During a crackdown of dirt bikes and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) in 2016, the New York Police Department confiscated around 1600 vehicles. Also, many were crushed in public. 

It is illegal to ride a dirt bike or ATV on New York streets. So far this year in NYC, there have been a number of dirt biker and motorcyclist arrests. Most of them have been arrested for careless driving or reckless endangerment.    

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