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New York Museum Asked To Remove Theodore Roosevelt's Stature

Left wing activists are never satisfied. If you agree to give them something they want, they'll want to take more. First, they targeted confederate statues. Now they are targeting the statue of Theodore Roosevelt. They have asked the American History Museum to remove it. They want the monument removed because he was racist. And such statues glorify racism in America. 

Reporters from various news outlets, on that day, mocked President Trump's question of whether liberals would target statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. What President Donald Trump said was not a joke, though. It is a serious question that deserves more attention than it would likely receive. 

No one can dispute the fact that Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest American icons. He was the founder of the University of Virginia and the author of the Declaration of Independence, and perhaps one of the greatest thinkers in American political history. Jefferson, unfortunately, was a slave master. That is one of the reasons the left wing has maintained that his statue must be dismantled. His figure must be erased from the public memory forever.

Last Monday, dozens of SJW fanatics held a protest in New York Museum. They covered the statue of Roosevelt flanked by Native American and African American on either side and ordered it to be completely removed.

The left wing activists from a group known as “NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize this Place” also demanded that the Columbus Day be replaced by Indigenous People's Day.

It should be noted that Bernie Sanders was praised Teddy Roosevelt. However, he was not the only Democrat that has praised President Roosevelt's legacy. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, former Vice President Al Gore, and Senator Elizabeth Warren praised the legacy of Roosevelt as well. 

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican. However, his policies without doubt led to the formation and construction of Liberalism. Yes, you read it right. The political activity and presidency of Roosevelt contributed to Urbanization, industrialization and expansion of American economy. At the same time, his presidency was marked by insecurity, political corruption, and great social problems with violent strikes and riots. 

Roosevelt defended the rights of African Americans. However, he defended them not because they are African Americans but because of their merits. 

According to black activists, the monument of Theodore Roosevelt is racist. It is meant to promote white supremacy. They maintain that such statues glorify racism against African Americans. They insist all racists monuments across the United States must be brought down.    

Apart from Theodore Roosevelt's statue, activists have also asked New York City to remove the stature of Christopher Columbus. They wanted it removed because his policies led to the oppression of the native populations. It is a controversial historical symbol that should be removed.

While the pressure to remove hate symbols such as monuments and statues continues to pile up, both the American government and citizens need to be considerate as they proceed to remove them. Confederate statues and monuments that glorify racism and slavery should be considered vile. 

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